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Political Cartoons

Political Cartoons

Political cartoons are worth thousand words. Here is the list of blog posts on political cartoons.
Last updated March 13, 2014

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  1. Nazir Sabir's cartoon on General Elections 2013 result.
  2. Cartoons by Taimoor, Khaliq Khan and Amul on PMLN victory on PTI.
  3. Cartoons by Rahat on results of General Elections 2013.
  4. Cartoon by Khaliq Khan on GE 2013 featuring Sher and Zardari
  5. Cartoon by Javed Iqbal on overhauling of country's economy.
  6. Cartoon by Rahat on newly elected Prime Minister
  7. Cartoon by Javed Iqbal on PMLN majority in Punjab Assembly.
  8. Cartoon by Khaliq Khan on Hashmi's statement that Nawaz Sharif is my leader.
  9. Cartoon on Hashmi's statement that Nawaz Sharif is my leader.
  10. Cartoons about Federal Budget 2013-14
  11. Cartoon on swiss cases reopening by Khaliq Khan. 
  12. Cartoon on the statement of Parvaiz Khattak that I will follow Shahbaz Sharif.
  13. Set of cartoons on CHINA VISIT, Railways and Good governance of #PMLN.  
  14. Cartoon by RAHAT  on the announcement of PM youth policy.  
  15. Cartoon by RAHAT on energy crisis and efforts of Shahbaz Sharif. 
  16. Cartoon by RAHAT on efforts of Shahbaz Sharif against inflation.
  17. Cartoon by RAHAT on USD crash