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Power Generation Projects by PMLN

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Following are the blogs/newsreports on power generation projects by PMLN

Last updated February 02, 2014
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  1. Power Projects during first tenure 
  2. Power Generation projects during second tenure
  3. Shahbaz's Sunshot | The begining of solar PV generation era in Pakistan.
  4. Express Tribune reports about the inauguration of Private Hydro Power Plant and gas theft cases. Dated July 15, 2013. 
  5. Daily Waqt Editorial about the steps taken to eliminate load shedding. Dated July 17, 2013. 
  6. The News reports about MOU signed for Solar Power Generation. Dated July 25, 2013.
  7. Weekly Nidai Millat report on inauguration of Solar PV plant in Cholistan. Dated August 08-14, 2013. 
  8. Express Tribune report about solar PVbased street light project in Punjab. Dated August 25, 2013. 
  9. News Tribe reports about the approval of the Master Plan for 700MW solar power plants. Dated August 31, 2013.
  10. Pakistan Tribune news report on the MoU signed with German compnay for electricity generation through solid waste. Dated November 12, 2013. 
  11. Pakistan Tribune news report on the speedy work of Nadipur Power Plant.Dated November 12, 2013. 
  12. The Nation report about the MoU signed with China for Power Generation. Dated November 25, 2013.
  13. News Tribe report on MoU signed with Germany to install solar PV plant in Sahiwal. Dated November 23, 2013.
  14. Radio Pakistan report on ground breaking ceremony of  Nuclear power plants K-II and K-III. Dated November 26, 2013.
  15. Daily Waqt news report about the MoU signed with british compnay for electricity generation using solid waste. November 29, 2013.
  16. Radio Pakistan news report about the new Power projects to be started by 2018. December 02, 2013. 
  17. Daily Express news report about the financial support for construction of dams. Dated December 09, 2013 
  18. Dawn News report about the progress of new Nuclear Power Plant. January 01,2014. 
  19. Hydro World news report about the progress on Dubar Khwar hydro project. Dated January 06, 2014. 
  20. Dawn news report about the ground breaking of Thar coal project. Dated January 31, 2014.
  21. An update on Nadipur and Quaid e Azam Solar power project. Published in Daily Waqt dated February 02, 2014. 
    Coastal Power Project‚ K-II and K-III