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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Back on track:

Nandipur power plant picks up speed

KARACHI: The Nanidpur power plant which had been experiencing severe delays in construction has finally picked up speed. Almost all of the construction material of the 425 megawatt (MW) cycle power plant, that had been abandoned at Karachi Port since 2010, has been transported to the project site in Gujranwala so as to complete the power plant promptly.

China's Dong Fang Electric Corporation Limited has agreed to complete the project as swiftly as possible.

Captain (retd) M Mehmood, Managing Director (MD) of the project monitoring unit of Nandipur power plant has expressed immense interest in the plan. With this increased pressure Dong Fang Electric Corporation Limited company has promised to complete one unit of the power plant by the end of May 2014.

The whole power plant is expected to be completed ahead of its schedule in December 2014 at around November 2014.

The PML-N government is giving the power sector top priority and is making huge investments in order to reduce the power shortage. The government has made all the efforts to remove any obstacles in the execution of the plan. The project will cost $329 million and will produce 425 MW of electricity.

Dong Fang Electric Corporation Limited had previously left the country due to unexpected delays in the project. However, their return highlights the prospects of the project finally being completed.

The Nandipur Power Project is a combined cycle project, consisting of four turbines: three turbines run on furnace oil and one on steam. Officials said that the plant will create 400 new jobs in Sindh and three other provinces. The plant is located on the left bank of Upper Chenab Canal in Nandipur, Gujranwala. It will enhance industrial production and bring a new era of development in the country.