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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Take out the log in your own EYE

Take out the log in your own EYE

REPLY of the rebuttal of my blog about TAX EVADER PTI parliamentarians.

Original reply that was later converted into the deleted blog post. The original comment was also compromising my privacy therefore removed and pasted here after necessary amendments (May20,2013)

Thank you very much for the reply. Here is my reply to each important point mentioned above,

1: The tax assumption is taken just as a bottom line to emphasize the fact that each and very Pakistani citizen must contribute to the national treasury. This tax base is defined by the income and the ratio varies with the amount of annual income. However, i am thankful for the ECP that they have declared a threshold of 0.356 million for the "poor" parliamentarians 

2. As now you too believe that the TAX is applicable to those earning 350,000 annually there are a number of PTI MPAs including the future 77 years old YOUTH Parvaiz Khattak earning millions but not paying any tax. YOU FAILED TO DEFEND THEM. The list however is showing another thing you failed to understand earlier in the twitter conversation. Perhaps "Experts" like you need special audio visual aids to understand. Having said that the report mentioned by you inform us the TAX threshold only. It does not count for the contestants investing millions in the election campaign while declaring their income ZERO. Those earning more than 0.35 Millions are also shown for which you failed to defend. You also failed to mention how many contestants are orphans or widow or disables or a nonresident person, which none of them is . It seems like you even did not read that 3 page document carefully or you ignored it (intentionally). 

3: There are a number of parliamentarians from PTI KPK that don't even bother to have NTN number. These include your "respectful " MP from NA-35,PK,3982,83,84 and99. I request you to find another document that allows PTI MPAs of not having a valid NTN number. PTI leader Dr. ALVI also pay 0 taxes as evident from his TAX RETURNS. Now please don't say that he gives tax in the form of corporate tax. I am talking about INCOME TAX. Same is the case with Mr. Umar Sarfraz Cheema. For you i mean this is not at all an issue after all this is what you are worshiping since 30th of OCTOBER. Remember you belong to a class that abused Mian Nawaz Sharif of paying 5000 tax continuously for 5 years, while knowing the fact that he was not earning inside Pakistan and his returns were in millions later on.

4: Although from the list given above 9 of the MPAs are earning more than the 0.35 million threshold which otherwise should be a shame for an educated PTI supporter like you. Your complete silence over the top two contenders for a CM KPK slot is an epitome of the shoddy philosophy you are following. Both earning over 1 million, both don't qualify to be claimed as Orphan (less than 25 years age), they can never be a widow unless you try to write dozens of lines to prove them. They aren't non residents. So BOY have a chill pill, the dream team IK has dreamt of is actually a nightmare for this NATION and was rightly rejected.

5: Last but not the least, in your heart you know i am right. I being a researcher and a PhD scholar believes in doing work that reflects truth. Regardless that the graduates of Top NOTCH MONEY BASED Pakistani Universities, like you, like it or not. I stand by my assumptions and information and don't pay a heed to the discombobulated replies !!