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Monday, July 22, 2013

Saad gives a push to Railways

Saad gives a push to Railways

Monday, July 22, 2013 - PAKISTAN Railways has launched its third goods train to accelerate the freight operations and increase revenue generation. The operation of the train reflects that Railways has started moving once again and with the passage of time not only more freight trains would be introduced but the entire system would be revamped.

We see the light at the end of the tunnel because soon after taking the rein of railways Ministry the young and vibrant Minister Saad Rafiq is spending his entire time on going through the ills in Railways and how to get the very important source of transportation out of the mess. He is visiting different departments and inspiring the workers and officials to restore lost glory to Railways. With the launch of the train and almost no significant report of failure of engines, over the past one month, one can say that the Minister has given a push to the Railways. Once upon a time, Pakistan Railways was a fascinating, cheap and most secure system of transportation all across the country and its network strengthened the federation. But with the passage of time and total apathy of the successive governments, scar of unionism that developed culture of wheeljam, overstaffing and theft of assets and corruption took the railways to almost its ultimate destination of junkyard. The last blows were terrorist related incidents destroying its tracks and land mafia that occupied the precious land bringing it to a virtual standstill. During the last two years of the previous government, there were daily reports of breakdowns of engines, non-availability of fuel and even disconnection of electricity at railway stations due to financial bankruptcy. But we hope that with sincerity of purpose, the Minister will continue with the same zeal and fervour to put the PR back on rail and make it the popular mean of transportation by utilizing the indigenous resources of the organisation in-cluding the Risalpur locomotive factory, Mughalpura work-shop and Islamabad Carriage factory to name a few.