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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Arches of history | Interview of Sartaj Aziz

Arches of History | Interview of Sartaj Aziz 

Under the title of "Arches of history" my aim is to refresh the faded memories that include interviews of renowned Leaguee leaders and memorable photographs of PMLN leadership and workers to show the struggle and history of PMLN. It will also help in disseminating our policies for solving different issues of Pakistan. For the first in this series, i am presenting here an old interview of PMLN Senior Vice President Sartaj Aziz (dated 14 August 2005, Daily Nawai Waqt Magazine). The interview had two parts the other part was published on 21st August, 2005.

Sartaj Aziz is an old leaguee and a twice federal Minister of Finance, and  Minister of Foreign Affairs. He has steered the country through its worst US sanctions during 1990-92 and 1997-99. He did his Masters in Economics from Hailay College, Punjab University, Lahore and Ph.D in Economics from Harvard University, USA.