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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Arches of History | Episode 3

Arches of History | Episode 3

Earlier in the series:

The third of its kind Arches of History is presented here as a sequel of the past two episodes. The time when the party was under intense victimization actually rectified the loyal of the party. These people are the real ingredients of PMLN heart. from the Arches of history my intention is to reveal the dust covered pages of history. Several people who are now considered "tall heighten" were actually the part of PMLN. It is not wrong to say that PMLN as a party nourished several people that were once novice in politics. Or to be more specific that needed the support of party to create their hallow image. These people left us after October 12,1999. They are now wishing to come back to PMLN thus proving what Iqbal said decades ago "موج ہے دریا میں ، بیرون  دریا کچھ نہیں "

This iron lady faced the fascist actions of Musharaf and we are proud of her being part of PMLN 
What had not been given to this guy who shamelessly worked with Musharraf to sabotage PMLN
More of the love of Pindi for PMLN. Be it be Sh. Rashid !!
PIA was once a profitable organization
Assets of PMLN
Public gathering without any security measures
We are PMLN we are Pakistan
Mian Azhar was not able to win his own seat without PMLN in 2002, is now the beacon of success for PTI
Addressing a mammoth crowd as the opposition leader during 1993-96 
Happy moments