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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Better Pakistan | National defense

Better Pakistan | National Defense 

A nation without a strong defense is at a mercy of an aggressor. Pakistan right after its birth is facing serious threats form its eastern borders and had faced the humiliation of Dhaka fall in 1971 after India invaded Eastern Pakistan, while been backed up by Russian Federation. We also faced tremendous difficulties after the US congress imposed on us the Pressler sanctions in 1985. Under such circumstances, it was necessary to start indigenous production of weapons. It is pertinent to mention that after India tested their first nuclear device in 70s it was decided by then PM Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto to start our nuclear program for defense applications. The defense system was further boosted after Pakistan decided to go for missile development. 

Keeping in mind that our country has faced several sanctions by USA and its allies it has always been a daring task for the govt. to initiate defense projects. The designing, development and production of any particular device needs a long and tedious process. Acquiring sensitive equipment, transfer of technology and then indigenous development is complex and besides being technically sound the support from govt. on economical and diplomatic fronts is necessary.

During the two tenures of PMLN, we took the most daring steps from the development of missile boats to the nuclear tests. In this blog post we are presenting the bold work of PMLN govt. for strengthening the defense of Pakistan.

As it has been discussed that in 1985 US congress imposed sanctions on Pakistan thus halting the supply of spare parts for Pak Armed forces, it was necessary to start indigenous development of these devices. Several new organizations were created during the first tenure of PMLN. In 1990, Pak Army Air defense corps were equipped by shoulder fired men portable surface to air missile ANZA. During 1990, R & D work began for up gradation of Type59 Tank. That phase was successfully completed in 1997. For strengthening the Navel force of Pakistan PMLN during its first enure approved the establishment of a new navel base in Baluchistan. This navel base in known as Jinnah Navel Base. The construction of this base was started in 1990 and the first phase was finished during the second tenure of PML i.e in April 1997. PNS Qasim was commissioned as a training cum depot unit on Nov 25,1990. In Oct 1991, PNS Ahsan was commissioned in Pak NAVY. This unit acts as a coastal radar station for surveillance. During the first tenure of PMLN (1990-93) the govt. of Pakistan signed an agreement for the development of Main Battle Tank which is known as Al Khalid MBT. In 1991, field trials were carried out while the ground facilities for its development was completed in Taxila HMC in 1992.  The missile program was assigned to NDC which was established during the first tenure of PMLN 1990-93. This organization latter proved its worth by providing state of the art missile technology to Pakistan. In Feb,1992 Air Weapon Complex was established to quench the requirements of Pakistan Air Force. In 1992, an intelligent computer based generic system based on Micro-Vax technology was inducted at electronic warfare training center of Pak Navy. PNS KALMAT which is a twin screw coastal oil tanker cum cargo vessel was indigenous development at Karachi shipyard and Engg. works, was commissioned on 29th August 1992. Similarly, an Eriden class mine hunter PNS MUNSIF was commissioned in PN on 26 oct, 1992 during the first tenure of PMLN.

The second tenure of PMLN brought a new revolution to Pakistan when huge projects were initiated. Those days were tense in the sense that an extremist Hindu party BJP took charge of Indian Govt. The requirements of Pak Army were full filled well in time, in the form of conventional weapon systems and in the form of advance missile system. In 1997, Pak Army was delivered 95+24 M198- 155mm Howitzer Also during the second tenure of PMLN Pak Army procured T-80 battle tanks from Ukarine. PN commissioned several missile boats that were manufactured in Pakistan. Among those were PNS Jalalat commissioned on August 14, 1997. The missile system of Pakistan also had a major breakthrough  when in July 1997, Pakistan tested Hataf III Ghaznawi which can hit within a range of 600 km. On 24th July,1997 The test-firing of ANZA surface to air missile by Pakistan was an action that determined the safeguarding of National security interests. It is pertinent to mention that ANZA can hit any aircraft from surface to an altitude of 60,000 feet. On same day  an anti tank missile BAKTARSHIKAN was successfully tested too.

In 1998, the development of a new tank started  in HIT-Pakistan, which resulted in a new and a robust tank known as Al-Zarrar. Furthermore, for the better and fast infantry operation, in 1998, Pakistan started the design work on an Armored Personal Carrier named Talha. On the question of weapon race in the region The Federal Minister of Information Mushahid Hussain while,talking on "Pakistan and the changing regional scenario " at Bangladesh Institude of Int. Strategic Studies Dhaka, clearly told the world 

"If India justifies its arm build up under the garb of its security concerns, by the same token, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh have the right to take measures for their security"

03 May 1998

On April 6,1998 Pakistan successfully tested Ghauri I that is capable to hit all major cities of India. It was because of this missile that forced the Indian Air Force to shift its Jodhpur Headquarters. On Decemeber 13,1998 a modified version of ANZA was test fired. This laser guided missile ANZA I was tested by the Army Air defense units. On 28th May, 1998 Pakistan conducted Nuclear tests that effectively equalizes the balance of power in the region.

03 May 1998

On 15th April 1999, Pakistan test fired Shaheen missile with a lethal range of 600km [Witness to blunder by Col. Ishfaq Hussain Page 81].  In Sept, 1999 Pakistan Navy got commissioned another Missile boat PNS Shujjat. For undersea warfare Augasta 90B was commissioned in PN on Sept 6,1999 and was named PNS/M KHALIDOn 9th of July, Pakistan commissioned first indigenous Mine Hunter PNS MUJAHID.

25 June 98

In June 1999, Mian Nawaz Sharif being the PM of Pakistan signed an  agreement with Chinese government for the designing and development of JF-17 thunder multi-role fighter aircraft. Furthermore, in April 1999 PAF got its first installment of used Mirage IIIE. It is also worth mentioning that a a batch of 50 F-7PG were ordered from China in early 1999. The batch delivery completed in April 2002.

The marvelous missile program of Pakistan was hailed by the Saudi Defense minister when, after the Pakistan's nuclear tests, he said that our missile program is a guarantee for the supremacy of Muslim world. 

Thank you PMLN for strengthening Pakistan